Update on looking at carbs like they are a poison

Last week I wrote about a new approach to carbs that I am trying out:

A new way to approach weight loss – a new way to think about carbs

This is the basic idea I am applying:

So here is a possible approach to weight loss. What if a mental change takes place that causes unhealthy carbs to go into the same kind of toxic/deadly category that cigarettes fall into? So, instead of seeing carb-rich foods as tempting, they start to be seen as poisonous. Into this poisonous category would go all the bad carbs like cookies, cake, ice cream, potato chips, pizza, soda, candy, french fries, etc. It might also be argued that bread, pasta, rice and potatoes all fall in the same category (for me they do). The only carbs that are safe are vegetables and fruits (and maybe beans). Vegetables – especially raw vegetables – can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

Here is the mindset: Carbs are as poisonous as cigarettes. Every time I look at something like a cookie or a slice of pizza or a candy bar, I say to myself, “Carbs are as poisonous as cigarettes”. Every time someone offers me a plate of cookies or a dessert, I say to myself (and sometimes out loud): “you know… those cookies are as poisonous as cigarettes.”

Does this work? Yes – it completely worked for me during the past week. I have been tempted by plates of brownies, bowls of potato chips, vending machines full of soda and snacks, my wife’s home made granola and pumpkin bread (both delicious), Valentine’s day candy, etc. for a week and I have been able to completely ignore it. Because it is poisonous. I have eaten nothing but fruits and vegetables, meat, cottage cheese and nuts for the last week.

Let me use the example of the bowl of potato chips. I was at an event and the potato chips were home made kettle chips. I have had them before from this caterer – they are unbelievably delicious. People were snarfing them down all around me because they are basically irresistible. But since they now fall into the “poison” category, I can’t eat them. What emotion went with not-eating-them? It was a weird emotion – kind of a sadness. Knowing that these potato chips are absolutely delicious and would bring pleasure, but also knowing that they are poisonous (because they cause me to get fat, leading to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), just felt sad. But I did not eat them.

I will be curious to see if this mindset is still working a month from now.

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