How to increase your job satisfaction and advance in your career while making the world a better place

This video is entitled, “The ultimate customer service story is inspiring”. Notice how Ross Shafer relates the story and the effect that one employee had on him.

There are several things that we might take away from this story.

  • Maria Garcia had a big, positive effect on Ross Shafer’s life with her simple act of kindness and customer service.
  • If Maria garcia did this same kind of thing for a variety of people she comes in contact with, she is making the world a better place.
  • Ross Shafer had a big, positive effect on Maria Garcia’s life by taking the time to praise her with her employer.

Now think about how much better your world might be if you applied Maria Garcia’s mindset in your job. Would your actions make the lives of others better? Certainly. But also consider the side effects. Would your actions help your job security? Would they help your job satisfaction? Would they help increase your chances of advancement? Say that you applied Maria Garcia’s mindset across your life. What might happen?

And then look at Ross Shafer’s actions. We all interact with employees in stores, hotels, airports, etc. every day. What if we took the time to praise them when they go the extra mile, and to let their managers know that we appreciate the service? That would make the world a better place as well.

In these simple human acts of kindness we help others and we make the world a better, happier, more fulfilling place.

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