I had my first occasion to spontaneously talk about D2BB today

I had done a “good deed” today, helping an elderly person out at a store. As we were getting ready to part ways, the question was asked, “Are you a Christian?” I replied that I am a member of an organization called D2BB. “What’s that?” I replied that it’s called Deciding to Be Better and proceeded to give a quick summary. The person I was talking to seemed to be genuinely impressed.

This is the first time I had ever described D2BB spontaneously to a complete stranger in answer to a direct question like that. It was a very interesting experience, and a very positive reaction. The question “Are you a Christian?” is not an uncommon one here in the Southern United States. If you are not a Christian, consider the possible responses:

Are you a Christian?

  • No
  • No, I am an atheist
  • No, I am a rationalist
  • No, I am a humanist
  • I am a member of DecidingToBeBetter

It struck me, as I was speaking, that there is something intrinsically good about the idea of making a decision to be better. And it is extremely easy to talk about it with a stranger. There is never going to be a negative reaction, or the scowl of disapproval, you often get with some of the other responses.

It was a fun encounter. I just wanted to share some of the joy I felt.

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