One of the things I hope we can accomplish with DecidingToBeBetter

Many people come to and read the article How To Make a Million Dollars. They might find the article in Google or learn about it from a friend. Some of these people enjoy the article so much that they end up writing to me to ask a question or to ask for advice. I have often wondered, “how can I be more helpful to these folks who are now excited about the idea of starting something?”

One hope I had while gestating the DecidingToBeBetter idea was that I could provide a place where a community of like-minded people – people who would like to start businesses, projects, charities or whatever – could gather to share ideas, experiences, advice, enthusiasm, articles/books, etc. with one another. I would be one member of that community as well. Together we would have a collective energy that would make the process of getting things started easier. We would do that because starting a business, project, chartity, etc. is a valuable experience and a very positive step – it is definitely a way to become better.

It would appear, here in the early going, that this idea might actually work. Here are three examples of this community idea working in a start-up way:

just visited MarshallBrain.comg (he then followed up with I’ve decided to start a blog )

here it is, hope people will learn

Hello from a newbie

What I would like to do in this blog post is invite others to participate. Have you ever thought about starting a business/charity/project and have questions? Have you started a business/charity/project and have experiences and advice you would like to share? Come over to the Forum and post your questions and/or experiences. It will be fun to see what develops in 2011.

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