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What if we took the time to talk to and listen to each other?

A person goes onto the New York Subway system and interviews random people. What we find is that… see for yourself: What if we took the time to talk to and listen to each other? His last question is, “What … Continue reading

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An inspirational story from Thailand

This is the story: The background, from the video’s description: TMB (Thai Military Bank) have launched a new brand vision “Make THE Difference” by making a film to inspire people to start thinking differently. With a hope that they will … Continue reading

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I had my first occasion to spontaneously talk about D2BB today

I had done a “good deed” today, helping an elderly person out at a store. As we were getting ready to part ways, the question was asked, “Are you a Christian?” I replied that I am a member of an … Continue reading

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Today’s Reading – The Social Animal

Today’s Reading comes from the book The Social Animal by David Brooks: This is the happiest story you’ve ever read. It’s about two people who led wonderfully fulfilling lives. They had engrossing careers, earned the respect of their friends, and … Continue reading

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It has gotten much easier, and much more lucrative, for individual authors to publish books

One thing I talk about in How to Make a Million Dollars, and in my public speaking, is the idea of writing and publishing books. Writing a book is something that just about anyone can do if they are willing … Continue reading

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Tiny things you can do to make your life significantly better

There is a fascinating thread on Reddit entitled: What lifestyle tweaks have you made that have made a real difference? Looking through it, you can find a number of small, simple tweaks that can have a surprisingly positive effect on … Continue reading

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Three good questions

At the beginning of this video, Jim Rohn asks three small questions: 1) How much money have you saved and invested in the last year? 2) How many books have your read in the last 90 days? 3) How many … Continue reading

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The Official Abbreviation for DecidingToBeBetter is D2BB

Many have wondered what the shorter version of DecidingToBeBetter should be, since it’s a little cumbersome to keep typing that out. Based on the availability of URLs, the official abbreviation is D2BB. Http:// now works.

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