Starting Businesses, Projects and Charities as part of DecidingToBeBetter

by Marshall Brain

Many people come to and read the article How To Make a Million Dollars. They might find the article in Google or learn about it from a friend. After reading the article, they have questions.

One hope I have had while gestating the DecidingToBeBetter idea is that we can provide a place where a community of like-minded people - people who would like to start businesses, projects, charities and so on - can gather to share ideas, experiences, advice, enthusiasm, articles/books, etc. with one another. Together we would have a collective energy that would make the process of getting things started easier. We would do that because starting a business, project, charity, etc. is a valuable experience and a very positive step - it is definitely a way to become better for many people.

Please feel free to write to me here to ask your questions and/or talk about your experiences.