Becoming a new member of DecidingToBeBetter

by Marshall Brain

Most organizations require you to pay a fee, fill out forms, etc. when you become a new member. DecidingToBeBetter is not like that at all.

That's because membership in DecidingToBeBetter is something that happens inside your head. Membership is first a conscious decision to be better - a decision that only you can make and then implement in your own life. Second, it is a commitment to goodness and the guiding principles of goodness that form the foundation of DecidingToBeBetter. And third, it a sense of belonging. Once you become a member, you join a community of people who are working together to make our lives better, and to make our world a better place, one person and one project at a time.

Becoming a member is easy and involves three simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Decide that you would like to be better

  • Step 2 - Read the Mission Statement of DecidingToBeBetter Members

  • Step 3 - Begin being better by deciding on your first thing to improve
You can take additional steps if you like, and we will talk about them below, but those three steps make you a member.

Here is the Mission Statement of DecidingToBeBetter members:

    I understand that to change the world, I start by changing myself. I therefore decide to be better. I make a personal commitment to goodness and strive to make my life better each day. I am a person of high purpose, high ethics, high integrity and high values. My goal is to work in friendship with others to improve myself, my community, my nation and the world. By respectfully bringing our message to all people, we will make the world a better place for everyone.
This is a simple, quick statement of guiding principles for members. By understanding, accepting and following these principles, you are a member of DecidingToBeBetter.

And the Motto:

DecidingToBeBetter: A force for self-improvement, goodness and togetherness that helps humanity to eliminate evil

How do you put the power of DecidingToBeBetter to work in your own life?

Deciding on your first thing to improve

What will you work on and make better in your own life? It is totally up to you. It could be anything. Here are a few examples:

  • Losing weight and getting into healthy shape
  • Becoming a better friend, spouse and/or parent
  • Eliminating a character flaw that has been bothering you or holding you back
  • Learning a new skill
  • Solving a big problem in your community or our world
  • Starting a new business or charity
  • And so on...
You can choose to improve any part of your life in any way you like. Do a personal assessment and pick a way to become better. See The Ten Steps page for details and get started.

Optional Step 4 -

Connect with other people who are interested in D2BB on Facebook.


Share links, stories, experiences and comments with other D2BB members at

Why? You may already be familiar with the #1 problem when it comes to deciding to be better. It might be referred to as "falling off the wagon" or "getting off track" or "forgetting" or "losing commitment" or "backsliding". Millions of people experience this problem shortly after making their New year's resolutions on January 1. A week or two later, the resolutions have often been abandoned.

This occurs because stuff happens. Life gets busy. Or you stumble one day and never get back on track. Or the resolutions simply get forgotten before they can become a habit. These are all understandable problems. The question is, how to get past them and really succeed?

One way is to recommit every day. This process is described on the Ten Steps page, as is the process for getting back on track when you stumble.

A very powerful way to keep your commitments on track is to make friends with people who are trying to accomplish the same kinds of things. It's very simple - you encourage one another. You also, to a certain degree, become accountable to each other. Meet other people electronically on places like Facebook. Meet people in person wherever you are. When you find people with similar goals, work together.

After you introduce yourself, decide on your first area of improvement (see above). Post it on your Facebook page if you would like to tell the world. When you see others trying to reach their goals, help and encourage them as well. Perhaps you can help other people reach their goals with advice/ articles/ suggestions/ mentoring/ videos/etc. Discuss ways to work together.

Optional Step 5 -

Consider introducing a friend to DecidingToBeBetter and working together to be better. As with Step 4, the idea is to make the process easier and more successful.

Another option is to create a group of friends working together. In that case, consider starting a DecidingToBeBetter community in your local area. It might begin with just two or three of your friends deciding to be better together, and meeting once a week for dinner. That little group could be a seed that then grows. See this page and this page for ideas, or come up with your own, unique group. Done within the spirit and principles of DecidingToBeBetter, anything is possible.


Welcome to the DecidingToBeBetter community! If you have questions or comments, please contact Marshall Brain or send them to

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